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Birmingham Chest Clinic

Birmingham Chest Clinic is situated in the very heart of Birmingham city centre, and offers a series of specialist services to patients. Providing cutting edge surgical procedures and clinics in a variety of expert disciplines, Birmingham Chest Clinic is easily accessible and enjoys state of the art facilities.

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The following services are offered to patients at the Chest Clinic. Additional information about these comprehensive services is available in each section.

For an appointment you will need a referral letter sent to the Birmingham Chest Clinic by your GP. The occupational clinic also accepts referrals from the head of your occupational health service, whether this is a doctor or nurse. Once the letter is received you will be sent an appointment by post. If you move please let the clinic know straight away on 0121 424 1950.

A translation service for Gujerati, Punjabi, Hindi & Urdu is usually available, please let us know beforehand if translation is required.

When contacting a particular ward or department you should always use the direct dial numbers listed on this page. When dialling from outside Birmingham please dial (0121) first then the relevant number listed below.

Service Phone Number (0121+)
General Office / Reception 424 1950
Surgical & Adult Allergy Clinic (Monday) 424 1907
Immunology (Monday) 424 1916
Adult Allergy & Paediatric (Tuesday) 424 1916
Occupational Lung and Respiratory Medicine 424 1940
X-Ray Reception 424 1923
TB Service (Wednesday) 424 1910/1913
TB Aftercare 424 1935

Travelling by car

Birmingham Chest Clinic is based on Great Charles Street between Newhall Street and Summer Row in Birmingham City Centre. Patients coming by road can be dropped off at the front of the clinic. The nearest car parks are in Cambridge Street and Newhall Street.

Travelling by train

For those who can walk at a steady pace, it is about 10 minutes from New Street station (uphill), and a little closer from Snow Hill station. For more information on train travel please see the links below to help you plan your journey or find out timetables:

Centro | Railtrack | the trainline.com

Travelling by bus or coach

For more information on bus time tables and journey planning click here to visit the Travel West Midlands website…

For more information on coach travel please click here to visit the National Express website…