Excellent care award for Good Hope elderly care team

Published/updated: 02/05/12 12:40

An elderly care team at Good Hope Hospital has been recognised for its efforts in improving patient care.


The Hospital’s annual ‘excellent care award’ was given to ward 11, who not only demonstrated having gone the extra mile to benefit their patients, but also their patients’ families and carers as well.


The award was judged by looking at how nursing teams have performed during the past 12 months, with particular focus given to patient experience results, how teams work together and the quality of nursing care given.


The family of Mrs Jean Robinson, a Good Hope patient who sadly passed away in 2009, helped establish the award at the Hospital and play a key role in choosing which team should be awarded.


Di Collins, the daughter of Mrs Robinson, presented the award to Eleanor Ward, ward 11 sister, and the team. Di said: “I chose this ward to receive this year’s prize money and award, because I was impressed to see such a personalised and friendly service for the patients. Nursing staff know patients by name and go out of their way to make patients feel comfortable – it is small changes on hospital wards that make a big difference to patients.”


Eleanor Ward, ward 11 sister, said: “We have continued to work with Di and her sisters to improve the care and environment on the ward. They have shared our journey up to this point, which is why this award means so much to us.”Pic one Good Hope award

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