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Published/updated: 10/12/13 14:31

anne-marie-riley-landscape-2Ann Marie Riley, head nurse at Good Hope Hospital, which is part of the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust (HEFT), is calling all staff at the Trust to pledge to tell patients their names in support of a new national campaign to remind staff how the smallest actions can make a significant difference to patients.

The “Hello my name is” campaign has been launched by Dr Kate Granger, an elderly medicine registrar from Yorkshire , who became frustrated with the number of staff who failed to introduce themselves to her when she was an inpatient with post-operative sepsis earlier on this year.

Dr Granger, 31, has terminal cancer but has made it her mission to get as many members of NHS staff pledging to introduce themselves in future to their patients. The campaign has already been endorsed by several senior nurses at NHS England, including chief nursing officer Jane Cummings and Head of Commissioning (nursing) Michelle Mello, as well as Department of Health Director of Nursing, Viv Bennett.

This campaign is simple – reminding staff to introduce themselves to patients properly; because a confident introduction is the first step to providing compassionate care and is often all it takes to put patients at ease and make them feel relaxed whilst using our services.

Ann Marie said: “As part of this campaign, staff are asked to make a conscious effort to introduce themselves to all patients the first time they meet them by saying “hello my name is….and I will be looking after you today.

“We are not only concentrating on individual introductions, but also introductions to other members of staff who may be taking over on shifts, or also assisting the patient that day so they know who they are dealing with throughout the care process.

“We are also reminding staff to ask the patient how they wish to be addressed and ensure their name badges are visible at all times whilst on hospital premises.”

To find about more about the #hellomynameis campaign please visit Dr Granger’s blog at:

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